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Best App to Hide Apps on Android [Rooted Phone]

Why to hide an app? I think this question is irrelevant. Some want to hide apps because they want to clean the app gallery...
contacts with phone numbers

How to Remove Synced Facebook Contacts from Your Android Phone Book – For Newbies

Newbies to android may perplexed to see hundreds of contacts in their phone book. The reason? Contacts from your Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp,Google like social...
take print out fb

How to Take Printout of Your Facebook News Feed Posts

Printing facebook posts may seem as an absurd thing to many. But there are facebook users, who wants to print few of their facebook...
hotel search

Cleartrip Android App Gets Hotel Room Booking Support

In a blog post today, Cleartrip, one of the best flight search tool in the world, announced the addition of hotel booking to their...

Close Background Running Apps on Android in Three Steps

You must close the background running apps on your android device frequently if you have the habit of using lots of apps. It has...
clean facebook

Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Facebook Account

Many of your's facebook account may be filled with unwanted stuffs. It is because, we started using facebook without knowing what happens if we...
pw protect data

Pass Confidential Messages Securely Via Online

Here is one security quick tip to enhance your digital life. Earlier we have detailed how to securely chat with friends and family online....
pw protect data on usb flash

Password Protect Data on USB Flash Drives and SD Cards – How to?

Here are the tips to password protect data on your USB Flash Drives as well as SD Cards. External storage devices are prone to theft...