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number to words

Convert Any Numbers to Currency or Words Online

Many times in our life we need to convert numbers to words. On invoices, salary slips, Cheques like many places we can see amount...

Hot 2014 Consumer Tech Trends – Infographic

New year twenty fourteen is on our doorstep. We saw messenger apps like WhatsApp and Viber replaces traditional SMSes and the continued growth in Smartphone use in...

How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Status Without Any App

WhatsAsp is everywhere now. I am not exaggerating. It's now the number one messaging app on mobile platform and even popular than Facebook. So...
spreadsheet tips

Combine Text and Date in Google Doc Spreadsheet Using Formula

You can save your time in entering data in spreadsheets by intelligently using certain commands. There are lots. In this Google Doc Spreadsheet tutorial...
magic actions

Enhance Your Youtube Viewing Pleasure on Chrome

YouTube has stolen the hearts of millions with its amazing number of videos in different genre. Many of us use YouTube in our leisure...
Hindi Android

How to Use Hindi Font in Facebook for Android

I know many people are there who likes to post in their regional language in Facebook. You can easily use regional languages in Facebook...

How to Solve VLC Media Player Not Directly Playing Youtube Videos Problem

VLC allows to play YouTube videos in its interface. Copy any video URL from YouTube. Then go to VLC, press Ctrl+N, paste the URL...
start up tab

How to Remove Multiple Tabs Opening on Chrome Start Up

Seeing multiple tabs at the Chrome start up may be quite annoying. Some of you may be experienced it. Whenever you open Google Chrome,...

Two New Christmas Themes for Windows 8 in 2013

Looking for free beautiful Christmas themes for your Windows 8? Then this post is for you! Here are two beautiful Christmas themes for Windows...
mark your location

Mark the Position Where You are in on Your Phone and Locate it Later

Going for a long walk on a sandy beach with barefoot will surely increase your blood circulation. It's a great pleasure walking with barefoot...