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Avast Free

Best Free Antiviruses with Windows 8 Compatibility

Many companies offer free security software products along with Windows 8 sale as a promotion. But the AVs normally get with the promotion may...

How to Send Downloads Directly to Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive

Earlier I have shared the detailed tutorial on sending Gmail attachments directly to cloud storage services. If you have not read it , below...

Huawei Ascend P6 – World’s Slimmest Smartphone with 5 MP Front Camera

Ascend P6 is the newest Android Phone from Huawei. The powerful 5 MP front camera on this latest Android Phone is truly useful if...

How to Clear off Your Personal Data on an Android Phone

The question of selling an Android Phone arises due to the arrival of new models frequently. Every new phones get outdated within couple of...

Get AVG Internet Security 2013 Free for One Year [Promo Offer]

We are rarely introducing promo offers on this site. It is because promo offers are time limited and after the promo period also we...

QuizMagic – A Windows 8 Quiz App to Learn and Fun

We can use a computer or Smartphone to learn lots of things if connected to the internet. Without a teacher we can learn lots of...

Compare Mobile Phone Specifications on Android

When you want to compare an android phone? Because of the large number of manufacturers and models the selection of an Android Phone is...
split videos on android

How to Cut, Split and Merge Videos on Android

I rarely watch movies on my android phone. But often watch and enjoy songs on the movies on my phone. Shall I keep the...
es file explorer

Font Problems on Android with Regional Indian Fonts

What about reading regional language newspapers on your android phone? In India there are different languages. Does your Android phone support Indian regional languages?...
ios 7 to 6

How to Go Back to iOS 6 from iOS 7 [Ultimate Tutorial]

One of my friends who has upgraded his iPhone 4s to the latest version of iOS, i.e.,  iOS 7 beta, faced minor problems with the new...