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Change Text to Upper, Lower and Sentence Case

Google Doc Spreadsheet – Change Text to Upper, Lower and Sentence Case

We have a separate section on Info Inspired completely dedicated to Google Doc Spreadsheet Tutorials. In this post we can learn how to change...

How to Send Mocked GPS Data to Suspicious Tracking Apps on Android

You can provide mocked GPS data on your Android smartphone to escape from the clutches of malicious apps who's tracking you. In this quick...
htc google play edition

How to Get Rooted Google Play Edition ROM for HTC One Standard GSM Phone

As mentioned in one of our earlier post, the Google Play editions of HTC One and Galaxy S4 are now available. There are major...

How to Disable Sense 5 BlinkFeed on Your HTC One

BlinkFeed is the part and parcel of HTC Sense 5 UI. It is very useful and gives an awesome look to your HTC One....
shrink pdf files

How to Compress PDF Files Without Losing its Quality

This trick require your PC connected to internet and Adobe Photoshop installed on your PC. But you don't need to know Photoshop to apply...

10 Must Have Apps for HTC One [Free Apps]

HTC One has shaken the Samsung Supremacy on the Android Smartphone market. HTC One got great media attraction for its iconic design and the...

Sony Announced Water Resistant Android Smart Watch

Smart Watches are the great new accessories for Smartphones. With a smart watch users can control their smartphone. There are lots of advantages these...

How to Upload Google Reader Subscriptions to AOL Reader

After July 1, 2013 Google Reader will only be a memory. People who are the regular users of Google reader will continue to remember...

How to Share Your Location on Android in Real-Time

There are several occasions where we want to share our current location that also in real-time. When we are travelling to a distant place...
cloud share large files

Using WhatsApp How to Send Larger Files of Any Type [Android]

WhatsApp is a trendy messenger service that does not need any introduction. Users can use WhatsApp to share Audio, Video and Image files. But...