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speed dial

Dolphin Android Browser Tips and Tricks

Shift from desktop browsing to mobile browsing is something not digestible for many. It is not the size of the screen that matters. It is the...

How Can We Root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 on XXUAMC6 Jelly Bean [Ultimate Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S4 new android phone root method is detailed below. This complete guide to root Galaxy S4 is applicable to Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500...

How to Hide and Password Protect Media Files on Android Using QuickPic

Chances are that there may be few images or videos on your android phone that you may want to hide from public view. But...
Facebook Home

Facebook Home App for Android Download and Compatible Devices

It won't be the same experience you are getting from your mobile device while you are accessing Facebook on a desktop. But on mobile...

Samsung Announced Galaxy Mega Smartphones – Complete Specification

No doubt Samsung's Galaxy SII, SIII & SIV phones are the best android phones from Samsung. These Smartphones are very popular. Another popular phone from Samsung...
Combined Use of IF, AND, OR Logical Functions

Combined Use of IF, AND, OR Logical Functions in Google Doc Spreadsheet

Learn how to use important logical functions IF, AND, OR in Google Doc Spreadsheet. Logical functions are very easy to use if you get...
floating sidebar

How to Get a Stylish Floating Sidebar with Your Favorite Apps on Your Android

Android is customizable in many ways and it's one of the benefits of this mobile OS from Google. Developers make the full advantage of this...
correct typo and grammar mistakes

Best Free Grammar Checker Application for Desktop, Browser and Microsoft Word

Ginger software provides plugins for browsers, Microsoft Word and your computer desktop to enable you to check grammar and spelling as you type. For...
youtube download

How to Stop YouTube Recommended Videos Appearing on Your Android YouTube App

If you own a stylish android phone probably your friend or colleague may ask it for having a look. It may make embarrassment for...

How to Speed up Your Android Device [New or Old]

Unlike iPhone, Android phones are more common. You can pick an android device based on your choice. There are low end android devices and...