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How to Root ZOPO ZP980 Full HD Android Phone

ZOPO ZP980 is a cheaper android phone with advanced features. This phone is available in India for Rs. 15,999.00, at present. If you look...
portable wifi hotspot

How to Share Your Android Phone’s Data Connection with More than One Android Phone

Smart phones are lifeless without a speedy data connection. If our phone is connected to internet you can use your phone for lots of...
s4 features

Unknown Features in Samsung Galaxy S4

Much have been talked about the Galaxy S4, the new flagship phone from Samsung. It's one of the best smartphone in the world at...
Merge+ contact

How to Quickly Find and Eliminate Duplicate Contacts on Android

Due to my log in to multiple social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Path etc., I have end up with duplicate contacts of same...

Use Accentify to Change iOS Theme Colour

Now there is a cool tool that you can use to change the default colour scheme of your iPhone. But it's only possible if...

How to Download Facebook Photos on Android

In this tutorial we can see how to download multiple Facebook photos on your android phone easily. This you can easily achieve with the...
download apps

How to Take a Complete Backup of Your Android Apps to PC Over WiFi

You can take complete back up of your android apps quickly on your PC. No need the PC Suite software of your phone installed...
chat heads

Get Facebook Home and Chat Heads on Any Android ICS Devices Without Country Restriction

You can get new Facebook Home and the hyped Facebook chat heads on your android phone. No matter on which country you are living....
Chrome Theme

Stunning Images of Google Data Centers as Ten Chrome Themes

Google Data centers are very large and spread across the globe. Majority of them are in the US. Google has not disclosed much about...
usb driver

HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG and Google Android Original USB Drivers for Windows

You need proper android USB Drivers for Your Android phone or tablet to connect with PC. In this list you can find the required...